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As you can see, we are dedicated to excellence. This is what will we expect from you too. If you can identify with perfectionism, have a strong sense of honesty and an affinity for solid work, please get in touch with us!

Passionate Blogger (IT/Security)

We're currently seeking new employees to expand our web team.

Job description:

You will be responsible for keeping our users up-to-date on the latest security/antivirus industry news via our blogs, newsletters, and social network newsfeeds.

Note, this is a remote position and you will be working from home (as we all do, love and appreciate so much).


  • Primary responsibility is focused on creating new, interesting and educational content related to Internet security. This includes high-quality knowledgebase articles for our biweekly newsletters to educate users with basic security knowledge.
  • You'll also write about the latest major virus outbreaks and newly detected security leaks.
  • Establishing a strong connection to our customers via social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) is a core goal as well.
  • Coordinate translations into other languages with the help of our translation team.

Skills and qualifications:

  • Native English speakers only, please!.
  • If your friends call you a PC security geek, you're absolutely right for this job.
  • Strong knowledge of antivirus and related products is required as well as a deep technical understanding of malware and all its attack vectors.
  • An exceptional general interest in exploring how things work and how things can be broken is expected.
  • You have the skills to create enthusiastic and professional texts that describe complex things in easy to understand words.

What we can offer:

We are offering from 20h/week to full time employment as an independent contractor, working in an interesting field as part of a growing multi-cultural company. You will have flexible work hours providing the short daily meetings are covered. Your job will be completely location independent, assuming you have access to a reasonably fast and stable Internet connection.


Great! Please send an application including the following information to:

  • A short resume covering your previous 5 years of employment along with short descriptions of the main tasks you were responsible for.
  • Two work samples of content: Short (500 words) and long (1500-3000 words) on one of the following topcis:
    • A) Predictive analytics doesn't necessarily mean seeing an attack before it happens but, rather, helping security professionals identify and track unknown malware, wherever it may be hiding. Because predictive technologies are in their infancy, gaining a baseline understanding of the foundations upon which they are being developed is a good first step when exploring this new area.
    • B) What will be the big security issues in 2015 and are you ready to deal with them? From cybercrime, to BYOD, to insider threats, one thing is certain: the rate, intensity and sophistication of attacks will only increase. We ask some of the industry's leading experts to predict what will be the biggest concerns in 2015.
    • C) With mobile devices now seemingly everywhere, and more and more applications flooding the market, mobile monitoring and device management have never been so vital. As employees connect their own vast mix of mobile devices to the enterprise - bringing devices designed for the consumer market into business environments and then placing business and personal data side-by-side - security has become both increasingly important and complex. What strategies should you introduce to reduce risk? How do you ensure you are always in control of these devices, rather than the other way round?
  • Your salary expectations.

We are looking forward to your applications!