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Emsisoft Internet Security

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No Bloat, No Compromises - Just Security.

Emsisoft Internet Security is the lean and efficient security suite
that will make your digital life a whole lot easier.

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Runs On: Win 7, 8 & 10
Released: 08/01/2016


Antivirus & Anti-Malware & Firewall, all-in-one.

Emsisoft Internet Security completes Emsisoft Anti-Malware with an efficient firewall core that suits anyone who dreams of ultimate protection, especially in third-party networks.

out of 21 AV companies 
ensure the privacy of user data

225 000
new malware samples  
processed every day

Performance, engineered for you

Light weight design means using minimum system resources for maximum protection and usability. Emsisoft Internet Security focuses on just one thing: Protecting your computer without compromise. No more, no less.

Emsisoft Internet Security is not an overloaded, bulky software like most products on the market today. It is slim and efficient.

Global and application-based firewall rules are easy to set up and clearly presented in the layout, while still remaining extremely flexible.

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Triple layer protection, reinforced by a kick-ass firewall

Emsisoft Internet Security is a complete security suite, made to prevent infection from all Internet threats.

An intelligent firewall closes off and hides your system when using public networks. Your PC will be practically invisible. Includes IPv6 support.


Surf Protection


Blocking access to known fraudulent and dangerous websites to avoid phishing and accidental malware downloads.

Real-time File Guard


Constantly scanning all downloaded and started files, using two scanners and more than 10 million detection patterns.

Behavior Blocker

Preventing new, sophisticated malware attacks that others often can’t protect you from – optimized against zero-day attacks.

Bonus: Online Banking Protection 
Keeps fraudsters away from your money by hardening your browser software.


Start Protection Plan

Redefining online experiences

Automatic evaluation of the credibility of programs

The Emsisoft Anti-Malware Network detects more than 100 million programs, good or bad, based on user evaluations and numerous technical parameters.

Minimal firewall alerts

So that you aren’t tempted to just click "Allow", which basically defeats the purpose of having a firewall in the first place.

Advantages in comparison to Windows firewall

Easier and quicker to use, with the ability to evaluate the credibility of programs in a global context.

Removal of Potentially Unwanted Programs

PUPs are not dangerous per se, but they come hand-in-hand with annoying ads or toolbars and slow down your computer. You can tell Emsisoft Internet Security to remove those for you.


Leading in comparatives and continuously winning awards

Emsisoft receives plenty of awards year by year and usually scores in top 20% in all comparative tests.

Number of compromised systems across all real-world protection tests (6363 test cases) conducted by AV-Comparatives (2014).

  • 2 x Top Rated product of the year - AV-Comparatives, AT
  • 17 x VB100 Award - VirusBulletin, UK
  • AV-Test Certified, DE
  • 3 x First place out of 46 - COMSS, RU
  • 8 x Best in test - MRG-Effitas, UK
  • 13 x "Advanced+" (best) - AV-Comparatives, AT
  • Antivirus of the year - multiple publications
- as of May 2016 See all awards

Malware removal: Guaranteed.

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No matter what you decide, you can't go wrong with Emsisoft Internet Security There is no risk involved.

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Receive personal assistance in emergency situations instead of being forced to fill out an anonymous support form. That's why Emsisoft is a premium software vendor for premium customers.

It comes with a malware removal guarantee: 100% protection, 100% speed and 100% service.

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What others say:

Donald (Cloudeight user), USA:

Over the last 15-20 years I have used most all of the popular anti-virus programs (both free and paid), but never have I been as satisfied, and had such a peace of mind as I have had with Emsisoft.


Recommended by AVLab

Emsisoft Internet Security 9 is a real breakthrough for the manufacturer and user. The overall effectiveness of the program is 100%!

Frequent questions

Can it replace my current antivirus software?

Yes. Emsisoft Internet Security is a complete security suite that provides protection against all manner of threats  lurking on the Internet. Two full virus scanning engines are used to ensure optimal detection and cleaning, while three-layered, real-time protection prevents new malware from infecting your PC. Firewall included. Read how it works.

What is the difference between Emsisoft Internet Security Pack and Emsisoft Internet Security?

Emsisoft Internet Security will replace Emsisoft Internet Security Pack as of September 2014. Emsisoft Internet Security Pack was a bundle of both Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Emsisoft Online Armor licenses, while Emsisoft Internet Security is a whole new security suite.

How can I upgrade my existing Emsisoft license to Emsisoft Internet Security?

If your current license hasn't expired yet: Open Emsisoft Anti-Malware, navigate to "Settings" -> "License" and click the "Renew license" button. On the website that opens in your browser, please choose one of the three renewal offers under the section „Upgrade to Emsisoft Internet Security“. Follow the online instructions to complete the upgrade. Once you’ve received your new license key per email, uninstall Emsisoft Anti-Malware, download and install Emsisoft Internet Security and activate it with your new license key.

If your license has already expired: Please enter your current license key on our renewal order page and follow the instructions.

Will it run on my PC?

Unless you have a rather outdated PC from the late 90s, the answer is most likely yes, assuming that you’re using Windows 7, 8 or 10 - with the latest service pack installed. All features are fully functional on x64 systems too. While running, Emsisoft Internet Security uses about 200 MB of your RAM, which is quite low considering the huge amount of signatures that it must load. If your PC has at least 1 GB of RAM, that will be perfect.

Please note that Emsisoft Internet Security cannot be installed at the same time as Emsisoft Anti-Malware or Emsisoft Online Armor.