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[Aug, 8, 2019] - Version:

JSWorm 4.0 decryptor

JSWorm 4.0 is a ransomware written in C++ that uses a modified version of AES-256 to encrypt files, and adds the extension ".[ID-][].JSWRM to files.

The ransom note "JSWRM-DECRYPT.hta" has the below text:

JSWRM 4.0.2

Your files are corrupted!

Identificator for files: [redacted]

E-mail for contact: [email protected]

Backup e-mail for contact : [email protected]

Free decryption as guarantee!
Before paying you can request free decryption of 3 files.

Total size of files must be less than 5MB (non-archived).

Files shouldn't contain valuable information (accept only txt\jpg\png).

Don't try to decrypt it manually.

Don't rename extension of files.

Don't try to write AV companies (they can't help you).