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[May, 30, 2017] - Version:

Amnesia2 decryptor

Amnesia is a ransomware written in the Delphi programming language that encrypts your files using the AES-256 encryption algorithm. Encrypted files get renamed to *.amnesia and a ransom note is called "HOW TO RECOVER ENCRYPTED FILES.TXT" and asks you to contact "[email protected]". It can be found on your Desktop.

The ransom note contains the following text:


Your personal ID:
<-- redacted -->

Attention! What happened?
Your documents, databases and other important data has been encrypted.
If you want to restore files send an email to: [email protected]
In a letter to indicate your personal identifier (see in the beginning of this document).

 * Do not attempt to remove the program or run the anti-virus tools. 
 * Attempts to self-decrypting files will result in the loss of your data. 
 * Decoders are not compatible with other users of your data, because each user's unique encryption key.



To use the decrypter, just start the decrypter and point it towards the files you need to decrypt.