Emsisoft Enterprise Security + EDR

Emsisoft Enterprise Security + EDR

Robust and proven endpoint security for organizations of all sizes.

  • Layered Protection
  • Management Console
  • Commandline Scanner
  • EDR
  • Rollback
  • Threat Hunting
  • Machine Learning
  • More Features

Enterprise Grade Endpoint Protection for All Organizations, Regardless of Size or IT Resources

  • Unrivaled local device protection
  • Advanced 2-tiered web protection for domains, IPs, and browsers
  • Proactive behavior blocker to neutralize new and unknown threats
  • Robust Anti-Ransomware module for added security
  • Comprehensive enterprise-grade cybersecurity management
  • Trusted and award-winning protection with industry recognition

Proven Protection Layers

Shield Your Business with Multiple Layers
of Advanced Protection

Experience robust security with our four proven protection layers designed 
to thwart today’s complex cybersecurity threats on all levels:

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Web Protection 
& Browser Security

Instantly block connections to malicious websites, safeguarding against credential phishing 
and malware threats.

Real-time File Guard

Our award-winning dual-engine scanner checks all downloaded and modified files in real-time, including AI-supported malware detection.

Behavior Blocker

Stay protected from new and emerging threats as our Behavior Blocker continuously monitors active processes and issues alerts at the first sign of suspicious activity.


Custom-built behavioral monitoring prevents ransomware from encrypting your files, keeping your data safe from cyber extortion.

Experience robust security with our four proven protection layers designed 
to thwart today’s complex cybersecurity threats on all levels:

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Cloud-based Management Console

Protected Windows device

Effortless Control and Monitoring with 
Our Intuitive Management Console

  • Unrivaled local device protection

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Remote management console & app

Automated Malware Scanning

Stay One Step Ahead of Malware 
with Automated Scanning

Typical uses of Emsisoft Commandline Scanner:

  • Automatic scans of incoming data at a file – or webserver.
  • Virus scan integration in custom workflows such as email, chat, ticket systems, project management tools, etc

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Endpoint Detection and Response

Enhance Your Defense with Advanced EDR

Comprehensive Cybersecurity

Emsisoft’s EDR platform combines deep threat intelligence, cloud-based behavioral analysis, and immediate response measures. Tailored to organizations of all sizes, it offers sophisticated defense in an easy-to-integrate, 
user-friendly package.

Deep Insights

Gain a visual timeline of threats and complete visibility across your organization. Understand malware infiltration patterns to prevent future attacks and stay ahead of new threats.

Accurate Threat Identification

Local application monitoring pairs with cloud analytics to pinpoint malicious applications. Rely on automatic severity/confidence settings to distinguish genuine threats from 
false alarms.

Seamless Integration

Emsisoft’s EDR fits smoothly into your existing workflow. From auto-transferring event info to third-party SIEM platforms to Syslog CEF data support and Splunk integration, we ensure harmony with your systems.

Ransomware Rollback

Rollback Malicious Changes with Confidence

  • Swift Response: Instant backup triggers upon detecting potential threats, ensuring data remains uncompromised.
  • Seamless Recovery: Effortlessly restore encrypted files to their original state through our intuitive Incidents panel.
  • Enhanced Assurance: Operate with added confidence, knowing you have an extra layer of defense against ransomware attacks.
  • Business Continuity: Minimize disruptions by swiftly reverting any malicious alterations.

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Threat Hunting

Eliminate Threats Proactively with Intelligent Threat Hunting

Emsisoft’s Threat Hunting delves deeper than traditional defenses, using advanced algorithms and real-time monitoring to uncover hidden threats in your network.

Three-Pillar Approach

Behavior-Based Detection

Emsisoft uses behavior analysis to proactively spot unusual activities.

Threat Intel Integration

It stays updated with the latest threat intelligence to address emerging threats effectively.

Real-time Monitoring and Response

Emsisoft continuously watches for threats, responding swiftly to mitigate any detected risks.

AI/Machine Learning

Harness the Power of AI and Machine Learning for Enhanced Protection

Our AI-powered Emsisoft Enterprise Security takes cybersecurity
to the next level with cutting-edge Machine Learning capabilities. Stay steps ahead of cyber threats as our intelligent system detects and neutralizes new and emerging malware, even those attempting to bypass traditional endpoint-based layers.

AI/Machine Learning

Benefits of AI/Machine Learning in Emsisoft Enterprise Security:

Swiftly detects and thwarts new 
and unknown malware

Drastically reduces false alerts 
for improved efficiency

Continuously evolves to adapt 
to evolving cyber threats

Emsisoft’s AI and Machine Learning capabilities serve as the core of our proactive and forward-thinking security strategy.
Our technology adapts to the dynamic threat landscape, ensuring we stay ahead of emerging threats.

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More Advanced Features for Enterprise Customers

Active Directory Integration

Synchronize your Active Directory users and devices effortlessly with the Emsisoft management console. Experience seamless device deployment and streamlined user management, ensuring your security settings are always up-to-date.

Granular User Permissions

Customize permission policies for user groups or individuals, providing precise control over access to protection settings. Tailor the security experience to suit your organization’s unique requirements, granting appropriate privileges without compromising security.

Unlimited Policies

Create as many protection and permission policies as needed. With Emsisoft Enterprise Security, there are no limitations, enabling you to tailor protection strategies across your 
entire network.

Unlimited Admins 
& Managers

Assign as many admins and managers 
as your workspace requires. Emsisoft Enterprise Security allows for efficient collaboration, giving each team member necessary access to essential security controls, without restrictions.

Priority Support and 

Our priority support ensures you receive rapid assistance when you need it. From 9am to 8pm ET, our knowledgeable team is on-hand to answer queries and provide support, ensuring seamless operation and keeping your business secure.

Integration with SIEM:

Emsisoft Enterprise Security seamlessly integrates with SIEM systems, providing centralized monitoring and enhanced threat visibility for your organization. Gain valuable insights and real-time data to proactively detect and respond to potential threats across your entire network.

Key Benefits of SIEM Integration:

  • Centralized monitoring for comprehensive insights
  • Streamlined incident management and rapid response capabilities
  • Improved threat detection with cross-platform data correlation
  • Enhanced compliance and regulatory reporting

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