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May 26, 2023

Emsisoft The Cyber Insider with Katie Moussouris

In our latest the Cyber Insider webinar release, we’re excited to host Katie Moussouris. Katie is the founder and CEO of Luta Security, a company that helps organizations implement and manage bug bounty programs. Prior to starting Luta Security, Katie worked with companies including ATstake, Symantec, and HackerOne. She’s a hacker, an advocate for gender and economic equality, a cybersecurity fellow at New America and the National Security Institute, and an advisor to the US government.

May 04, 2023

TitanHQ & Emsisoft Presents: SMB Focused Security – A NEW Option for MSPs

In this webinar, TitanHQ and Emsisoft will reveal the newest collaboration and a killer combo for preventing phishing and malware attacks – while making significant margins in parallel.
Join MSP security veterans Eddie Monaghan, TitanHQ, and Luke Connolly, Emsisoft, for this 45-minute webinar, and you will discover:
* The modern multi-layer SMB security stack
* Why your SMB customers will love this combination
* A live malware attack prevention demo
* Live deep dive and demo of our killer combo solution – the newest option in preventing phishing and malware attacks
* New UI experiences for both solutions revealed
* A special promo offer for all attendees
* 5 x $100 Amazon Gift Cards Raffle

Apr 21, 2023

Emsisoft The Cyber Insider with Meredith Griffanti

Our guest in this month’s release of the Cyber Insider webinar series is Meredith Griffanti, the Global Head of Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Communications at FTI Consulting. Ms. Griffanti has worked on some of the most high-profile and highly sensitive data breaches around the world and has successfully navigated responses to incidents such as business email compromise, phishing and spear phishing, DDoS, credential stuffing, nation-state, critical infrastructure and major, double-extortion ransomware attacks.

Ciaran Martin
Mar 24, 2023

Emsisoft The Cyber Insider with Ciaran Martin

This month’s special guest is Professor Ciaran Martin, CB. A Professor of Practice at the Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxford, as well as a managing director at Paladin Capital and the holder of several other advisory roles in private sector cyber security. He writes and speaks frequently on cyber security in major outlets across the world, and was named on of the most influential people in European technology by Politico in 2022. From 2014 until 2020 he set up and then led the United Kingdom’s world-leading National Cyber Security Centre, within the intelligence agency GCHQ on whose board he sat. This was the culmination of a 23 year career in UK public service which saw him serve in senior roles in national security, constitutional and economic policy.

Hammond webinar
Feb 24, 2023

Emsisoft The Cyber Insider with John Hammond

This month’s guest in our monthly Emsisoft The Cyber Insider webinar series is John Hammond, a cybersecurity researcher, educator and content creator. As part of the Threat Operations team at Huntress, John spends his days analyzing malware and making hackers earn their access.

Jan 27, 2023

Emsisoft The Cyber Insider with Jon DiMaggio

Emsisoft’s monthly webinar series in which we interview cybersecurity experts with diverse expertise and backgrounds. Our first guest – cybersecurity analyst and author of The Art of Cyberwarfare, Jon DiMaggio.

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