Solutions For Managed Service Providers

Solutions For Managed Service Providers

Our solutions help MSPs streamline cybersecurity management, fortify endpoint defenses, and maintain their clients’ peace of mind.

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Boost Your Security With Emsisoft

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) play a crucial role in maintaining seamless IT operations for businesses worldwide. Emsisoft helps MSPs by providing advanced, user-friendly cybersecurity solutions that cater to the dynamic needs of your clients. Our solutions offer everything from robust layered protection to seamless third-party integrations, all designed to enhance your service offerings and drive your business forward.

Proven Protection Layers

Shield Your Business with Multiple Layers
of Advanced Protection

Experience robust security with our four proven protection layers designed 
to thwart today’s complex cybersecurity threats on all levels:

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Web Protection 
& Browser Security

Instantly block connections to malicious websites, safeguarding against credential phishing 
and malware threats.

Real-time File Guard

Our award-winning dual-engine scanner checks all downloaded and modified files in real-time, including AI-supported malware detection.

Behavior Blocker

Stay protected from new and emerging threats as our Behavior Blocker continuously monitors active processes and issues alerts at the first sign of suspicious activity.


Custom-built behavioral monitoring prevents ransomware from encrypting your files, keeping your data safe from cyber extortion.

Experience robust security with our four proven protection layers designed 
to thwart today’s complex cybersecurity threats on all levels:

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Streamlined Management Console

Emsisoft’s Management Console revolutionizes cybersecurity management for MSPs with its cloud-based, intuitive platform, offering full control and oversight of all endpoints. You can always remain connected and in control, whether in the office or on the move.

Real-time alerts 

Customizable deployment templates

Application inventory 

Comprehensive compliance reports 

Advanced Endpoint Detection and Response

Emsisoft’s Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) enhances traditional EPP functions and equips MSPs with sophisticated tools for in-depth threat analysis and proactive security measures. Our EDR solution leverages the MITRE ATT&CK framework, enhancing threat visibility and enabling precise malware analysis. Through continuous monitoring and advanced threat-hunting capabilities, MSPs can detect anomalies early and respond swiftly to potential threats.


Emsisoft recognizes the value of MSP branding and offers co-branding options to seamlessly integrate your brand identity with our interface. This feature ensures a consistent and professional client experience and reinforces your market presence by aligning your brand with Emsisoft’s trusted security solutions. By personalizing the Emsisoft platform with your logo and branding elements, you can foster greater trust and recognition among your clients.

Seamless Third-Party Integrations

Our commitment to MSP flexibility extends to our broad spectrum of third-party integrations. These streamline your existing workflows and enhance service delivery without complex system overhauls. Our solutions seamlessly interface with RMM and PSA platforms, ensuring a cohesive and efficient operational framework. This integration extends to SIEM systems, allowing MSPs to consolidate security data for improved analysis and incident response.

Why Choose Emsisoft?

Ease of Use

Emsisoft’s user-friendly interface makes managing cybersecurity straightforward and accessible for MSPs and their clients. 

Simple Pricing Model

Enjoy a transparent pricing model with no hidden costs.


Tailored specifically for MSPs, our solutions and services are designed to enhance your service offerings and support your business objectives.

Dedicated Support

Our team is committed to your success, providing dedicated support to address your needs and challenges promptly

Our partner reviews speak for themselves

Flexible Billing Options

We offer a variety of billing options to suit your business model, including monthly usage-based billing and annual licensing. Our flexible plans ensure that you can provide cost-effective solutions to your clients without compromising on quality or coverage.


Emsisoft Business Security licenses are available at $1.10/device and month. Emsisoft Enterprise Security + EDR licenses are available at $2.00/device. Volume discounts apply. Only active devices are charged and you can flexibly add and remove devices at any time.

Ideal for MSPs


Licensing for 1, 2 or 3 years, with manual renewal option. Flexible number of devices based on your customer’s requirements. Bulk and multi-seat discounts are available.

How to Become a Partner

Becoming an Emsisoft partner is straightforward and rewarding. With no sign-up fees, minimum orders, or hidden costs, you can start enhancing your service offerings with our award-winning cybersecurity solutions today.

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Awards and recognition

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