Ransomware Rollback

Ransomware Rollback

Safeguard your files with the ability to revert any ransomware encryption attack.

The Threats of Ransomware

There’s more to ransomware than just malware. Cybercriminals developed a strategy to first encrypt your valuable or sensitive data, and then demand a ransom for its safe return. With the rise of cyberattacks, many organizations are at risk of business interruption, revenue loss, and reputational damage.

Additionally, attackers are now targeting backup systems, leaving businesses with no fallback. The pressing question then becomes: What if there was a way to ‘rollback’ these malicious changes?

Introducing Ransomware Rollback

Ransomware Rollback feature is designed to offer a powerful countermeasure against ransomware. It ensures that even when primary defenses are breached, recovery remains within reach.

The Ransomware Rollback is a vital component of our Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) system, and is part of our Emsisoft Enterprise Security edition. The system can identify potential incidents with pinpoint accuracy. Upon detection, a backup of any files which are altered during that incident will be automatically created, enabling to easily and quickly revert the system to the prior state in the event of unwanted changes. The backups are then safely stored in a secure vault which cannot be deleted or encrypted.

Why Ransomware Rollback is a Game-Changer

Instant Response

When Emsisoft detects an irregularity or potential threat, it promptly triggers a backup. This swift action is vital to ensuring that no valuable data is lost during a breach. By automatically creating these backups, the system offers a rapid response, enhancing data integrity in the face of potential threats.

Seamless Recovery

In addition to creating backups, Emsisoft offers a pathway to recovery. Through the Incidents panel in the workspace, users can swiftly restore the original version of encrypted files. This user-centric approach ensures the recovery process is intuitive, hassle-free, and efficient.

Boosted Confidence

With Ransomware Rollback as an added safety net, organizations can operate with heightened assurance. This feature provides an additional layer of security, giving peace of mind to businesses and their stakeholders. Being equipped with such a robust defense mechanism ensures that you’re always one step ahead of cyber threats.

Enhanced Business Continuity

Downtime can lead to financial losses and erode customer trust. 
The Ransomware Rollback feature is designed to keep downtime 
to a minimum, by quickly reverting any malicious changes, enabling you to get back to business in the shortest possible time. As a result, businesses can maintain their operations seamlessly, safeguarding their reputation and continuity even in the face of potential cyber threats.

Emsisoft Enterprise Security.
The Ultimate Protection

The fusion of Emsisoft Enterprise Security and EDR creates a formidable defense against ransomware attacks. While standard backup solutions act as your primary line of defense, Emsisoft ensures that even if those are compromised, you have another reliable layer of protection: the ability to rollback malicious changes.
With Emsisoft’s Ransomware Rollback, you truly have a backup for your backups.

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