Emsisoft Layered Protection

Emsisoft Layered Protection

Cybersecurity more capable than the sum of its parts.

Web filtering – host based

Signature based scanning

Behavior blocking

Emsisoft Endpoint Detection and Response

Behavior AI (cloud)

Emergency network lockdown – Device isolation

Shutdown & uninstall prevention

Windows Firewall monitoring & hardening

Windows RDP attack detection

Web filtering – host based

Web Protection cuts cyberthreats off at the source by blocking connections to dangerous hosts.

Emsisoft achieves this by maintaining a huge database of malicious hostnames and IPs gathered from publicly available lists, insider intel, and verified user submissions. Web Protection is host-based and works at the Windows system level, which means it works with all browsers and almost all programs, and doesn’t require updates when new browser versions are released.

Browser extension – URL based

Navigate the web with confidence. Emsisoft Browser Security is a privacy-conscious browser extension that blocks access to malicious websites that are known to distribute malware and phishing content.

Whereas other security browser extensions send full website URLs to a cloud server for verification, Emsisoft Browser Security only matches calculated hash values of URLs against a list of matching patterns that are applied locally on your system. A hash value is the output of a mathematical algorithm that scrambles data in a way that can’t be decoded by anyone else – not even us.

The result? A safer web browsing experience without encroaching on your privacy.

Signature based scanning

Signature-based scanning is a powerful malware detection method. Emsisoft security experts meticulously analyze malware samples, extracting unique patterns and characteristics. These signatures are then compiled into a regularly updated signature database, ensuring you stay protected against known threats.

Emsisoft’s software performs real-time scanning, constantly monitoring files, downloads, and system activities to detect any matches with the signature database. With our on-demand scanning option, you can conduct thorough examinations of files and directories.. When a potential threat is identified, Emsisoft takes swift action, such as quarantining or deleting malware, or providing timely alerts and notifications.

AMSI scans

Enjoy a seamless Windows integration. We use Microsoft’s IOfficeAntivirus and AMSI interfaces to give your Windows operating system and third-party applications access to Emsisoft’s powerful OnExecution scanner technology. Used by most modern browsers, script interpreters, and Office programs, these interfaces help verify the safety of your files and applications.

Heuristics in static detection

Go beyond signature-based detection. While classic signature blocklists check if the fingerprint of a file matches the fingerprint of a known malicious file, heuristics attempt to contextualize and determine a file’s intent by analyzing static information, such as the DLLs and system APIs that the file uses, hardcoded text sequences in the file’s binary, code-signing certificates, and a whole lot more. This information – which can be extracted from a file without actually running it – provides vital clues as to whether a file is malicious.

Reputation lookups (cloud)

Emsisoft maintains a massive database containing the reputation data of more than one billion files.

When a malicious file is detected, we cross-check it with our database to determine whether it’s a legitimate threat based on its reputation and detection history. Going the extra mile to minimize the risk of false positives enables your IT team to focus on the threats that really do matter.

Behavior blocking

Exploit protection

Exploits don’t do the dirty work directly. Instead, they attempt to avoid detection by taking advantage of a vulnerability in an application and delivering a malicious payload through the compromised application.

Emsisoft prevents exploit attacks by stopping applications from injecting code into other programs to execute harmful payloads.

System manipulation prevention

There’s a laundry list of malware that attempts to manipulate the operating system, including exe-patchers, autoruns, host changers, browser settings changers, group policy changers and invisible installers.

Emsisoft blocks these threats by detecting suspicious changes that are made to your system’s hosts file, registry, browser settings and group policy, and the applications that made those changes.

Application Hardening

Many of the everyday applications that you know and trust are also frequently used applications are also frequently exploited by adversaries to carry out malicious activity.

Emsisoft’s Application Hardening mitigates this risk by controlling potentially dangerous procedures within active programs. For example, the Application Hardening feature prevents Microsoft Office products from executing dangerous PowerShell scripts.

APT protection

Threat actors are patient. In an advanced persistent threat (APT), an adversary – often a nation-state or state-sponsored group – invests significant time and resources into establishing a long-term presence in your network, often with the aim of exfiltrating sensitive data.

Emsisoft’s APT Protection combines multiple protection technologies – including Behavior Blocker, Application Hardening and Advanced Heuristics – to detect and terminate APTs before damage can be inflicted.

Fileless malware protection

Fileless malware is a type of malware that executes directly from a computer’s memory. No malicious content ever is written to disk, which helps it elude some security solutions and obstruct investigation attempts.

Emsisoft solutions use a combination of technologies to detect and neutralize this evasive threat, including Behavior Blocker, Application Hardening, Registry scanning and script monitoring.


Ransomware is one of the most serious and most costly cyber threats facing organizations today.

Emsisoft solutions feature a range of anti-ransomware technologies that work together to intercept ransomware before it can encrypt any files. Our Behavior Blocker features a dedicated Anti-Ransomware layer that looks for ransomware-specific actions, while our intelligence-gathering networks mean that we’re often among the first in the industry to provide signature-based detection for new ransomware variants.

Endpoint Detection and Response

Gain total visibility of your Emsisoft-protected endpoints. Emsisoft EDR continuously monitors your IT environment and collects valuable telemetry that can be used to triage and investigate incidents.

Emsisoft EDR comprises multiple protection layers that work together to identify suspicious behavior, automatically block attacks and provide security personnel with critical information about potential threats.

Behavior AI (cloud)

Emsisoft harnesses the power of AI to give Business and Enterprise users a holistic view of every endpoint across their entire workspace – including the ability to track a threat’s lateral movement.

Our centralized incident management provides a deep view of potential threats, along with key intel about suspicious files. Unlock the tools you need to investigate an incident, including process execution trees, workspace-wide attack timelines and a raw data browser that you can use to perform a root cause analysis post breach.

MITRE ATT&CK patterns (cloud)

Emsisoft solutions leverage the MITRE ATT&CK framework, a globally accessible knowledge base of adversary tactics and techniques based on real-world observations.

Emsisoft detects and highlights potential threats that have been cataloged in the MITRE ATT&CK framework, providing analysts and SOC personnel with key information that can be valuable when investigating a suspected malware event.

Emergency network lockdown – Device isolation

Contain threats and minimize the risk of data exfiltration. Emsisoft’s one-click Emergency Network Lockdown allows you to immediately take a single device or group of devices offline, isolating the compromised endpoint to eliminate the threat of lateral movement, data exfiltration, or communication with a malicious command and control server.

Isolated devices remain connected to the Emsisoft Management Console to allow issues to be investigated.

Shutdown & uninstall prevention

If a user account is hacked, threat actors have the power to do anything within that account’s privileges – including the ability to disable security solutions.

Emsisoft’s Shutdown & Uninstall Prevention mitigates this risk by allowing you to set a local security admin password that must be provided before the software can be disabled or reconfigured. Even if an attacker gains full access to an endpoint, they will not be able to shut down or uninstall the software without the password.

Windows Firewall monitoring & hardening

Windows Firewall protects your network by preventing unauthorized traffic from flowing into or out of local devices.

Emsisoft’s Firewall Fortification prevents unauthorized users and third-party software from making changes to the Windows Firewall. The Behavior Blocker also monitors Windows Firewall in real-time and automatically blocks any attempts by a non-trustworthy program to create new firewall rules or change the firewall status.

Firewall Fortification can be managed across all endpoints via the Emsisoft Management Console.

Windows RDP attack detection

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) isn’t just a useful remote access tool, it’s also one of the most common network entry points for threat actors.

Emsisoft secures this extremely popular attack vector by monitoring the status of the RDP service in real time. If multiple failed login attempts are detected, an alert will be triggered in the Management Console so you can decide whether to disable the RDP service on the affected device.

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