Emsisoft Management Console

Emsisoft Management Console

A completely free and easy-to-use web-console for managing the protection of all your endpoints, clients and sites.

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Say goodbye to clunky, feature-limited consoles and desk visits

Accomplish more in less time. Emsisoft Management Console brings security management to a whole new level of simplicity. Manage the security for your company’s or clients’ endpoints with ease. With Emsisoft Management Console, you can access the exact same information and perform the exact same tasks as you could onsite.

Do more with less.

A single pane of glass

Manage all your endpoints via a single, intuitive dashboard. See and instantly respond to alerts, scans, updates, license usage, and more.

Emsisoft Management Console Dashboard

Remote security-management from any device

This is hands down the best cloud access I have ever seen with antivirus.
It is literally a mirror of what you see on the desktop.’
– Stedman Computer Solutions

Protected Device

Mobile App

Online Console

Manage your protected devices and respond to alerts anywhere, any time. Emsisoft Management Console can be accessed via any web browser or via apps for Android and iOS. See exactly what your users see. Being out of the office doesn’t mean you have to be out of touch.


Time savers for security admins

One-click deployment

Emsisoft Management Console makes deployment super-simple:

Quick-fix feature in dashboard

Use the dashboard to quickly fix disabled
protection, missing updates and other problems
without needing to be onsite.

Pushing productivity to a new level

Initiate malware scans

All scan types with all available settings.

Real-time notifications

Get instant notifications of scan results via email or webhooks.

View and edit quarantined objects

Including re-scanning and submission to our malware lab.

Full forensic logs

See exactly what happened and who triggered an action.

Custom protection policies

Apply team-based policies with ease.

Custom user permission policies

Set user- or team-based permission policies.

Custom device-specific settings

That can be set online or locally.

Multi-tenant workspace model

Define different user roles to access a workspace.

Safety & privacy

Designed from the ground up with security in mind.

Save precious bandwidth with the Relay feature

All devices download updates directly from the Internet, which may overload your local network capacity and also your uplink.

One or more of your devices are configured to act as a relay for all data transfers. Relays cache all downloads to reduce the total amount of internet traffic. Only data from and to Emsisoft servers is allowed.

Smart policy hierarchies

Policies in hierarchical order with inheritance and highlighting of
edits on each level. View details

How much is it?

Zero. Zilch. Nada. Emsisoft Management Console is completely free!

Multi-workspace highlights for Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Multi-workspace dashboard

Stay ahead of potential protection issues and locate troublesome devices or expiring licenses with ease.

Quick workspace setup

Create new customer workspaces with all your preferred settings, policies, notifications, permissions and licenses with just a few clicks.

UI customizations

Change the software to your IT business needs. Display your contact details in the main window, hide license details, etc.

Personal policy templates

Manage your clients’ settings all at once with global policy templates. Share your templates with other admins in your team.

Our customer reviews speak for themselves

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Emsisoft Management Console

Managing Protected Devices | Emsisoft Management Console | Emsisoft Tutorial

You might ask…

Which product editions can be managed?

Emsisoft Management Console can be used to manage all Windows desktop and server protection products: Emsisoft Anti-Malware Home, Emsisoft Business Security and Emsisoft Enterprise Security.

How can I automate deployment?

Each workspace has its own custom installer. When using that installer, newly added devices will automatically authenticate with your workspace. Use the /quiet parameter for invisible batch installations or create a Group Policy Object (GPO) configuration in your Active Directory domain. View Details

How do I migrate my devices from Emsisoft Enterprise Console?

Simply log in at MyEmsisoft and create a new workspace for your organization. Then apply your license and download your custom installer. Run that installer on all your devices (e.g. silently via GPO) to seamlessly connect them to your cloud workspace. That’s it. Seconds later your devices will show up in your cloud management panel.

What languages is the console available in?

Emsisoft Management Console is currently available in English, German and French.

Where can I get answers to other questions?

Please contact us through one of our support channels:

Chat: Send us a message
Email: [email protected]
Help Portal: https://www.emsisoft.com/en/help/