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[Jan, 28, 2022] - Version:

DeadBolt decryptor

DeadBolt encrypts QNAP devices using AES-128, and appends the extension ".deadbolt".

This decryptor requires a key received after paying the criminals.

An example of the ransom note "!!!_IMPORTANT_README_WHERE_ARE_MYFILES!!!.txt" can be found below:

              /!\ ALL YOUR FILES HAVE BEEN LOCKED BY DEADBOLT /!\              

# What happened?

All your files have been encrypted and made inaccessible. This includes 
(but is not limited to) Photos, Documents and Spreadsheets.

# Why Me?

This is not a personal attack. You have been targeted because of the inadequate 
security provided by your vendor (QNAP).

# What now?

Visit your QNAP machine in a webbrowser and follow the instructions to
get your files back.

# Important Message for QNAP

All your affected customers have been targeted using a zero-day vulnerability in
your product. We offer you two options to mitigate this (and future) damage:

1) Make a bitcoin payment of 5 BTC to [redacted]:

You will receive all details about this zero-day vulnerability so it 
can be patched. A detailed report will be sent to [email protected].

2) Make a bitcoin payment of 50 BTC to bc1qnju697uc83w5u3ykw7luujzupfyf82t6trlnd8:

You will receive a universal decryption master key (and instructions) that can
be used to unlock all your clients their files. Additionally, we will also send
you all details about the zero-day vulnerability to [email protected].

Upon receipt of payment for either option, all information will be sent to
you in a timely fashion.

There is no way to contact us.
These are our only offers.
Thanks for your consideration.