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[Sep, 16, 2016] - Version:

Fabiansomware decryptor

Use this decrypter if your files have been encrypted and renamed to *.encrypted with ransom notes named *.How_To_Decrypt_Your_Files.txt. The ransom note asks you to contact "[email protected]", "[email protected]" or "[email protected]". A typical ransom note looks like this:

Attention!!! Your Computer was Locked! All DATA were Encrypted!

Contact by Email for DATA recovering.

Email : [email protected]

Then, we'll provide Unlock-Password and Data Decryption Software to you.

WARNING: If you don't contact in 48 hours, then all DATA will be damaged unrecoverably!!!

To use the decrypter you will require a file pair containing both an encrypted file and its non-encrypted original version. It is important to use a file pair that is as large as possible, as it determines the maximum file size up to which the decrypter will be able to decrypt your files. Select both the encrypted and unencrypted file and drag and drop both of them onto the decrypter file in your download directory.