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[Mar, 25, 2019] - Version:

HKCrypt decryptor

HKCrypt (also known as "Hacked Ransomware") first appeared in late 2017, and encrypts a victim's files using the RC4 algorithm, then adds the extension ".hacked" to files. The malware pretends to be running a Windows update, then shows a lock screen telling the victim to contact "[email protected]".

This ransomware also leaves ransom notes in English (@readme_English.txt or How_to_decrypt_files.txt), Spanish (@Readme_Spanish.txt), and Italian (@Leggimi_decrypt_Italian.txt). The English ransom note contains the following text:

All of your files were protected by a strong encryption with RSA4096

What happened to my files ?
Decrypting of your files is only possible with the help of private key and decryp

How can i get my files back ? 
the only way to restore your files So, there are two ways you can choose
1- wait for a miracle and get your price doubled
2- or restore your data easy way if you have really valuable data
you better not waste your time, because there is no other way to get your files, except make 
a payment

What should i do next ? Buy decryption key
1. Buy Bitcoin (https://blockchain.info)
2. Send amount of  0.5 BTC to address: 131mixVnmnijg1DPJZrTTakX3qJLpb675o
3. Transaction will take about 15-30 minutes to confirm.
4. When transaction is confirmed, send email to us at 
[email protected]
5. Write subject of your mail with :  HACKED
6. Write content of your mail with : - Restore my files Bitcoin payment : (YOUR BITCOIN