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[Oct, 7, 2019] - Version:

Muhstik decryptor

The Muhstik Ransomware encrypts files on compromised QNAP systems using AES-256, and adds the extension ".muhstik" to files.

The ransom note "README_FOR_DECRYPT.txt" contains the following text:

All your files have been encrypted.

You can find the steps to decrypt them in any the following links:[redacted ID]   Could go offline at any time[redacted ID]   Could go offline at any time

Or use TOR link, guaranteed Online 100% of the time:
http://5mngytmdpeyyp6xk.onion/payment/[redacted ID]   Use TOR browser to access .onion websites.

Do NOT remove this file and DO NOT remove last line in this file!

Your ID: [redacted ID]

*Note: This decryptor is compiled to run on Windows systems. If you are unable to transfer or access the files to a Windows-based system, you may try the below Python script, which should run from any operating system that supports running Python.