Emsisoft Enterprise Security + EDR Wins AVLab’s Product of the Year 2024 Award

Emsisoft Enterprise Security Wins AVLab's Product of the Year 2024 Award

Emsisoft Enterprise Security has earned the Product of the Year 2024 award from AVLab Cybersecurity Foundation, recognizing its excellence in cybersecurity protection. This accolade highlights Emsisoft’s ability to effectively safeguard businesses against diverse cyber threats, affirming its position as a leader in the cybersecurity sector.

Independent evaluations like that of AVLab Cybersecurity Foundation provide an essential benchmark, allowing businesses to identify legitimately effective security solutions amidst a crowded market.

About the award

The Product of the Year award from AVLab Cybersecurity Foundation is a rigorous endorsement of a cybersecurity solution’s comprehensive defense capabilities and threat response. Winning this award requires outstanding performance in the Advanced In-The-Wild Malware Test, reflecting a product’s ability to effectively counteract a wide range of cyber threats.

Advanced In-The-Wild Malware Test

The Advanced In-The-Wild Malware Test conducted by AVLab meticulously simulates real-world conditions to evaluate the effectiveness of security products in combating contemporary cyber threats. It involves exposing antivirus solutions to a diverse array of malware samples collected from actual online sources, testing their detection and neutralization prowess.

The process assesses whether these security products can identify and block threats before they execute, or effectively manage them post-launch, providing a comprehensive picture of their defensive capabilities.

Emsisoft’s performance

In 2023, Emsisoft participated in all 6 editions of the Advanced In-The-Wild Malware Tests, demonstrating unparalleled prowess in malware detection and prevention. With a steadfast commitment to securing the Windows operating system, Emsisoft’s software adeptly handled an array of malware, showcasing not just the ability to block these threats but also to do so at critical junctures, either before they could launch or right upon their execution.

Emsisoft Enterprise Security + EDR Wins AVLab's Product of the Year 2024 Award

Read the full report here.

Commitment to excellence

Emsisoft’s approach to cybersecurity excels in malware blocking and embodies a comprehensive and proactive defense strategy. The company’s dedication to excellence is evident in its software’s architecture, designed to offer multi-layered protection that adeptly responds to emerging threats. This commitment is further illustrated by Emsisoft’s consistent performance in blocking an impressive 99.93% of in-the-wild malware throughout the testing period.

We’re thrilled with this recognition and proud to see Emsisoft Enterprise Security delivering consistently great results both in the real-world and in stringent testing environments.

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