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Join Emsisoft - a truly global company

Emsisoft is based in New Zealand, but our reach is global. Our team is composed of the most dedicated and talented people for the job, working in all corners of the world. We at Emsisoft don't know physical or cultural boundaries. We are all part of a diverse group of experts that create the best possible malware protection software for all.


  • Flexible work hours - whatever time suits you best.
  • Multicultural environment - international collaboration.
  • Do something good - fight the bad boys and their online threats.
  • Company ethics - we don't do things just for the money.

Before you apply

As you can see, we are dedicated to excellence. This is what will we expect from you too. If you can identify with perfectionism, have a strong sense of honesty and an affinity for solid work, please get in touch with us!

Tech Evangelist

Educates visitors, sales staff and partners about our products. A product marketer with great verbal and written communication skills who translates the paid offering into a message that someone will actually care about. This person should also be blogging and helping create offers because he or she is closer to the customer than the rest of the team.


  • Develop and implement a strong product marketing.
  • Create and maintain copy for website and print materials.
  • Work closely with sales team and partners.

Skills and qualifications:

  • University education in marketing OR similar training/work experience in marketing.
  • Must be a self-starter and comfortable working in a fast-paced innovative environment.
  • High energy level and ability to work independently.
  • High levels of collaboration and teamwork.
  • Positive attitude and willing to go the extra mile without being asked.
  • Fluent business English.
  • Must be Windows user to understand what we're doing.

We are offering a safe long term full-time contract employment, working in an interesting field as part of a growing multi-cultural company. You will have semi-flexible work hours providing the short daily meetings are covered. Your job will be completely location independent, assuming you have access to a reasonably fast and stable Internet connection.

Submit your application now: [email protected]

C# Developer (Enterprise)


  • Primary responsibility is focused on design, development and maintenance work related to new and existing Emsisoft enterprise software components (client-server architecture). This involves everything from minor code changes to design of new modules, including writing code, debugging, testing, and documentation.
  • Management of a team of 3-5 developers that works remotely from Eastern Europe and Russia (in English and Russian language).
  • Ability to develop written design specifications from project management input, discussions with key team members and customer feedback.
  • Complete documentation and provide input to improve procedures for installation, development and maintenance processes.

Skills and qualifications:

  • Master level in IT/development, or similar qualifications.
  • Strong background in C# development (3+ years).
  • Fluent written communication skills in English and Russian.
  • Remote team management experience (3+ years) is a must.
  • Solid knowledge of Windows architecture.
  • Strong background in security, hacking and exploiting concepts.
  • Hands on experience in Windows GUI- and business logic development.
  • Hands on experience in crash dump analysis.
  • Hands on experience in using SCRUM for development.
  • Knowledge of common source control systems like GIT.

We are offering a safe long term full time employment as an independent contractor, working in an interesting field as part of a growing multi-cultural company. You will have flexible work hours providing the short daily meetings are covered. Job Location: Nelson/Tasman, New Zealand.

Submit your application now: [email protected]