Emsisoft Delivers Strong Performance in VB100’s March 2024 Certification

VB100 award

The March 2024 VB100 certification test by Virus Bulletin has once again highlighted the critical role of rigorous testing in cybersecurity. Emsisoft Anti-Malware stood out, securing an A grade for its adeptness at tackling the diverse and sophisticated malware threats that challenge the digital world today.

What is Virus Bulletin?

For over two decades, Virus Bulletin has been a cornerstone in the cybersecurity community, providing independent and objective analyses of security software. Its VB100 certification is a coveted accolade, indicating that a product has met the high standards set for malware detection without compromising the integrity of legitimate software applications.

VB100 Certification: a comprehensive assessment

The VB100 certification demands that products achieve a delicate balance between effective threat detection and minimizing false positives. The criteria include detecting at least 75% of malware samples and keeping false positives below 0.05%. The grading system, ranging from A+ to D, distinguishes the levels of detection accuracy.

Emsisoft Anti-Malware March 2024 test insights

Our performance in the latest round of testing:

These results reflect Emsisoft Anti-Malware’s refined detection capabilities, proving its reliability in distinguishing between threats and safe files, and minimizing disruptions caused by false alarms. Read the full report here.

VB100 Emsisoft Grade A March 2024

Examining the test environment and methodology

The VB100 tests are conducted on contemporary Windows environments to mirror real-world usage. For the March 2024 test, Emsisoft Anti-Malware was evaluated on Windows 10 Pro N, 64-bit. This setting ensures that the test outcomes are relevant and applicable to the most common user scenarios.

The test involved 1,576 malware samples, providing a broad spectrum of challenges to the participating security products. Emsisoft impressively detected 1,556 cases, a detection rate of 98.73%. Additionally, Emsisoft Anti-Malware reported zero false positives from a clean set of 100,000 files. This level of precision is pivotal for businesses and institutions where the security of various digital ecosystems is paramount.

Why these results matter

Achieving an A grade in the VB100 test is significant as it underscores Emsisoft’s commitment to high detection rates coupled with a low incidence of false positives. When resources are stretched thin in the public or private sector, dependable protection safeguards continuity and provides peace of mind without the nuisance of false alerts.

The importance of certification in today’s cybersecurity landscape

Independent certifications like VB100 play a crucial role in guiding consumers toward reliable security solutions. They offer an unbiased benchmark that helps users discern the effectiveness of various products in a crowded and often overwhelming market.

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Final Thoughts

Emsisoft Anti-Malware’s performance in the VB100 March 2024 test reaffirms its position as a formidable defender against malware, adept at navigating the complex threat landscape with a nuanced approach to threat detection and response.
This certification from Virus Bulletin is a testament to Emsisoft’s enduring commitment to providing top-tier security solutions, bolstering the digital defenses of users across the globe. For an in-depth review of the test methodology and detailed results, visit Virus Bulletin’s official site.

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