Emsisoft Shines in Virus Bulletin’s June 2024 VB100 Certification Test

VB100 award

What is Virus Bulletin and VB100 Test?

Virus Bulletin, a globally recognized entity in the cybersecurity domain, is renowned for its rigorous and unbiased testing of antivirus products. The VB100 certification is one of its prestigious benchmarks, designed to assess the efficacy and reliability of antivirus solutions in detecting malware while minimizing false positives.

The VB100 test methodology, now at version 1.5, ensures comprehensive and meticulous evaluation.

Understanding the VB100 Testing Methodology

The VB100 test methodology involves subjecting antivirus products to a variety of malicious and clean test cases. The goal is to evaluate their ability to detect prevalent malware threats and to do so without misidentifying legitimate software as harmful.

To pass the test, products must detect at least 75% of malware samples from the Certification set and maintain a false positive rate below 0.05% in the Clean set.

Importance of the VB100 Certification

The VB100 certification holds significant value for cybersecurity products, as it serves as a reliable indicator of their performance in real-world scenarios. Achieving this certification demonstrates a product’s robustness in detecting and neutralizing threats, making it a trusted choice for users seeking dependable malware protection.

Emsisoft Anti-Malware Performance in June 2024 Test

In the latest VB100 test conducted on June 4, 2024, Emsisoft Anti-Malware (version 2024.5.0.12426) showcased exceptional performance. The test was conducted on a Microsoft Windows 10 Pro N, 64-bit platform.

Detailed Test Results and Analysis

Emsisoft Shines in Virus Bulletin’s June 2024 VB100 Certification Test

Read the full report here.

What These Results Mean for Emsisoft Users

Emsisoft Anti-Malware’s stellar performance in the VB100 test reaffirms its position as a top-tier antivirus solution. Users can be confident in the product’s ability to provide robust protection against malware without the inconvenience of false alarms.

This balance of high detection rates and low false positives is crucial for both individual and enterprise users who rely on uninterrupted and accurate security solutions.

Final Thoughts

The June 2024 VB100 test results highlight Emsisoft Anti-Malware’s exceptional capabilities in the cybersecurity landscape. With a near-perfect detection rate and zero false positives, Emsisoft continues to set the standard for reliability and effectiveness in malware protection.

Users looking to fortify their defenses against digital threats can trust Emsisoft Anti-Malware to deliver consistent, high-quality performance.

Learn More and Stay Protected

For more detailed information on the VB100 test and Emsisoft Anti-Malware’s performance, visit Virus Bulletin’s official site. Stay updated with Emsisoft’s latest developments and security solutions by exploring our blog.

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