Emsisoft Emergency Kit Commandline Scanner

  • March 31, 2019
  • 1 min read

Emsisoft Commandline Scanner, also available separately, offers the same functionality as Emsisoft Emergency Kit but without a graphical user interface. The tool is made for professional users and is perfect for carrying out automated batch jobs. It can easily be integrated into multi-engine scanning toolkits and its optionally-created log files are easy to parse.

To run Emsisoft Commandline Scanner, navigate to the folder Emsisoft Emergency Kit was unpacked to, by default C:\EEK\, and run the file “Start Commandline Scanner.exe”. It will display usage information when it is run in this way. To see an overview of available parameters you may also type “a2cmd /h” while in the folder this command prompt starts in. Emsisoft Commandline Scanner may also be launched directly by locating the “a2cmd.exe” file in the appropriate “bin” subfolder for the target computer’s bitness (32 / 64).

Note: Emsisoft Commandline Scanner must be run from an elevated (administrative) command prompt or script. When run via the “Start Commandline Scanner” program is used, this is taken care of for you, as well as selecting the appropriate bin subfolder for the computer’s bitness.

An overview of all the available a2cmd parameters are also available on its product information page.

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