How to Configure Emsisoft Emergency Kit

  • November 18, 2022
  • 2 min read

The “Settings” section, found using its link directly below the blue Scan tile, lets you define how Emsisoft Emergency Kit will operate, especially in regards to your privacy. You can join the Emsisoft Anti-Malware Network, our cloud-based database that stores information about all types of programs, good and bad, and checks them in real time. By opting in, you give the program permission to collect anonymous information about malware it finds on your computer, which helps improve our products’ overall malware detection capabilities. This also greatly increases detection accuracy, reducing false detections for example.

A quarantine re-scan is by default performed every time new signature updates are downloaded. If it ever happens that you have a wrongly detected object in quarantine, a re-scan with corrected detection signatures will ask you to restore the quarantined objects back to its original place.

Changing the update feed to enable beta updates should only be done if you are an advanced user and want to take advantage of the latest untested software updates. If you would like to get more insights, please sign up for our beta tester program. The delayed update feed will lack the most current protection and features, but in all but the most rare cases uses exactly the same downloaded signature updates that the stable and beta update feeds use. The delayed version is specifically for high-availability installations, such as businesses, where a program version that has proven itself more thoroughly is required.

The proxy settings button will allow configuration of network proxy details so Emsisoft Emergency Kit can utilize a proxy-controlled network connection.

News notifications appear during updates, and are for educational purposes while the product is updating, or just for the sake of learning.

The user interface language selection will change the language the program is presented in to the language chosen immediately upon clicking the language.

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