New Emsisoft Management Console for SMBs and MSPs available now

  • September 5, 2019
  • 2 min read

Team Emsisoft is proud to announce the official launch of Emsisoft Management Console, a web based-platform for centrally monitoring and managing Emsisoft’s endpoint protection products.

Using Emsisoft Management Console, security administrators can deploy protection, manage device settings, enforce team policies and permissions, run malware scans, monitor protection status, respond to alerts, analyze forensic logs and review security reports.

Emsisoft Management Console Dashboard – all your devices on one screen

“It’s better than being onsite”

When we designed the console, our primary focus was to save administrators as much time as possible and set new standards in user experience. Emsisoft Management Console doesn’t require extensive training to get started. Administrators will notice that the console is pretty much a perfect mirror of what users can see on their local devices – plus much more. Kiss onsite visits goodbye.

Emsisoft Management Console mirrors the design of the endpoint protection

Time savers: Group policies and team collaboration

In addition to making all Emsisoft protection, remediation and analysis features fully accessible via the management platform, we also added tools that allow you to collaborate with other admins and define smart hierarchical group policies for settings and permissions that reflect your team departments.

Powerful team policies that include all settings

Deployment couldn’t be easier

If you’ve ever had to endure the installation hassles of old-fashioned antivirus management tools, you’ll love Emsisoft Management Console. Deploying new devices is as simple as hitting the download button in the console, which gives you a custom tagged installer that automatically installs and connects the endpoint protection to your console workspace – without any further user interaction required! Use the same custom installer to connect your existing devices to the cloud with just a double-click to start the downloaded file.

One-click installation and activation with your own custom installer

Save precious bandwidth with the Relay feature

One or more of your devices can be configured to act as a relay for all Emsisoft data transfers. Relays cache all update downloads to reduce the total amount of internet traffic. The more Emsisoft protected devices you have in your network, the higher the traffic savings.

Channel all Emsisoft data through one of your devices to save bandwidth and traffic

Access the console from any device

Emsisoft Management Console can either be accessed via the web browser from any device – at – or pinned to the home screen of your mobile device as a progressive web app (PWA), with all major operating systems supported.

Access via a web browser or via apps for Android and iOS from any device

Best of all: It’s free!

Emsisoft Management Console is part of all Windows endpoint protection license plans, such as Emsisoft Anti-Malware Home, Emsisoft Business Security and Emsisoft Enterprise Security.

How to get started with Emsisoft Management Console

Please log in at MyEmsisoft to see the new ‘Workspaces’ menu at the ‘Management Console’ section on the left. Simply follow the instructions to migrate your personal licenses and devices to a new workspace.

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Let us know what you think and send us an email via [email protected]. We are thankful for your input as it helps us to make this the best central antivirus management console available.



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