Emsisoft Business Security named AVLab’s Product of the Year 2022

We’re delighted to announce that Emsisoft Business Security has been named Product of the Year 2022 by AVLab, an independent organization that specializes in testing and reviewing endpoint security solutions.

Cutting through the marketing noise

For business owners, navigating the myriad products that make up the cybersecurity market is often easier said than done – particularly when every solution claims to deliver the highest levels of protection.

Independent tests are one way to cut through the marketing noise. They provide an objective, third-party view of the various security solutions on the market, helping prospective customers make a more informed decision about the tools they use to secure their data.

One such test is AVLab’s Advanced In The Wild Malware Test, a thorough evaluation designed to measure the capabilities of endpoint security products. During the test, each security solution is installed on a virtual machine running Windows 10 Pro. The test environment contains a variety of applications found in a typical business setting, such as an office suite, document browser, email client and so on. The security solutions are updated before each test and allowed Internet access throughout the testing process.

The antivirus products are then exposed to thousands of malware samples captured from the AVLab honeypot network and verified to be malicious, as well as other public malware feeds. Researchers analyze the results to determine not only if the security products could stop the malware, but also when in the infection chain they would intervene (pre-launch or post-launch).

Delivering consistently strong malware protection

AVLab conducted the Advanced In The Wild Malware Test six times over the course of 2022.

We took part in all six, and each time Emsisoft Business Security demonstrated exceptional detection capabilities, successfully protecting the test environment from thousands of the latest cyberthreats. In total, Emsisoft Business Security blocked 100 percent of the 10,453 malicious samples used in the Advanced In The Wild Malware Tests throughout 2022 – a feat that earned us the maximum of six ‘Excellent’ badges and AVLab’s Product of the Year 2022 award.


We’re thrilled with this recognition and proud to see Emsisoft Business Security delivering consistently great results both in the real-world and in stringent testing environments.

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About AVLab

AVLab is an independent organization that specializes in testing and reviewing security solutions. The group regularly releases reports that offer valuable insight into the effectiveness of various security products. Software that receives a good recommendation from AVLab can generally be trusted to provide a high level of protection.

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