Scammers profit from Whitney Houston’s death on Facebook

  • February 16, 2012
  • 2 min read

The untimely death of wonderful singer Whitney Houston has shocked the world. So much the worse that scammers now are trying to profit from the pop singer’s death. They distribute Facebook messages on a video that allegedly claims to reveal details around the circumstances of her untimely death. Users who click the link will make the scammer’s cash register ring.

Since Whitney Houston passed away, the world has been waiting to know more details about the circumstances of her untimely death. According to that new scam on Facebook, there is news on what caused her death. Messages such as “Whitney Houston’s shocking cause of death revealed” are supposed to make innocent users of this social network click ans share these messages.

Whitney Houston Scam on Facebook

If the users follow one of the links that pretend to lead them to a well-known American news site, they will in fact be redirected several times and end up facing a survey page that they are asked to take. This is the first of two methods that the scammers use to transform you the user into a mode of profit. Every person taking the survey means more cash for the scammer.

And finally, you will see the YouTube video itself. It shows of course no exclusive coverage, but normal TV footage on Whitney Houston’s death. Every hit raises its ranking, thus subsequently attracting more viewers and more profit. Well-placed Google AdSense ads will also help.

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It is a pity that scammers sometimes use celebrities’ mishaps to profit from public interest. Please try to avoid and not spread this scam by surfing carefully and checking hot news on well known media websites.

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