Connecting existing endpoints to the Management Console

  • February 27, 2021
  • 2 min read

If your Emsisoft license was recently assigned to a Management Console workspace, you may have seen the following notification on your endpoints:

Please re-authenticate this device with our Emsisoft user account to connect to your MyEmsisoft workspace.

Why does it require to re-authenticate

The Emsisoft Management Console enables a plethora of features that help you to efficiently manage all your protected devices on one screen. For that, it requires that your devices are connected to the Management Console.

When you create a new Management Console workspace and assign your license, all previously installed devices that use the same license will show as ‘Non managed’ in the devices list. To change them to fully managed, your devices need to be re-authenticated with your workspace. This is a security feature that prevents unauthorized use of your license by third parties.

How to re-authenticate

Option 1: Log in

When you receive the above notification, please click the “Log in” button and enter your Emsisoft user account details. Then select your workspace and finish the process.

Your device will then show as ‘Protected’ in your workspace and you can start managing its settings through the Management Console.

Option 2: Reconnect via installer

Log in at the Management Console, locate the device in the workspace dashboard and click ‘Reinstall protection’ in the hamburger menu (3 lines icon) on the right hand side of the device. That starts the download of a custom installer program.

After download, run the installer on your device where the Emsisoft protection is currently running. The installer will silently re-authenticate the device with your workspace and confirm with a notification popup.

Your device will then show as ‘Protected’ in your workspace and you can start managing its settings through the Management Console.

Cloud management modes

Emsisoft Management Console offers three different management modes. Please find them in the “Settings” section of your workspace.

  1. Local only: If you prefer to keep all your protection settings on your local computer only and keep communication to Emsisoft servers to a bare minimum, use the ‘local only’ management mode. License information is still held in the console workspace, but no settings or logs will be stored online. The software still connects to Emsisoft servers to receive online updates and to verify malware detection online, just as usual.
  2. Local + remote: Represents the Management Console-managed state, in which settings can be changed either locally or online via protection policies. This is the ideal configuration for most home- and small business users. Any changes made on the protected computer overwrite the central management policies. This ensures a maximum level of flexibility and reporting.
  3. Remote only: Made for larger businesses that don’t want their users to access any protection settings locally. The local protection user interface is significantly reduced to display only the essentials. Network security administrators can control all activities from the central Management Console dashboard.
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