How to enable Content Filtering

  • November 28, 2023
  • min read

Some types of websites are known to have a negative impact on productivity, and others shouldn’t be accessed by workers (or children) at all. The Content Filtering feature allows you to block the following categories of websites with a single click:

What are the sources?

We partner with StevenBlack and ScamAdviser to keep our filtering always relevant and up to date. Websites are added to and removed from a dynamic list on a daily basis. If you believe that a website should not be blocked or flagged, you can manually add it to the Web Protection custom host rules and set it to ‘Don’t Block’ or click ‘Allow’ on the Web Protection notification.

How to enable Content Filtering

You can find the new settings exclusively in the Emsisoft Management Console. You can enable filtering either on the device level in Protection Settings, or for entire groups of devices in the Workspace Protection Policies.

content filtering settings

Note that these settings won’t be available in the Emsisoft endpoint protection software on your desktop. They can only be configured by the workspace administrator through the Emsisoft Management Console for security reasons.

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