Silent Mode

  • October 7, 2020
  • 1 min read

Silent mode by default will squelch (silence) notifications scheduled scans (configurable in the scan’s settings) and program updates. It’s more to keep Emsisoft Anti-Malware quiet while doing something in full-screen mode that shouldn’t be interrupted, such as presentations. This is used mostly to allow you to focus on work and not have to be bothered with any security issues and or notices, which are auto-handled if silent mode is on. Also, it is convenient for those with trouble being interrupted mid-flow.

To enable silent mode click the bell icon below surrounded by a red square:

Once enabled it will look like this, with a line across the bell:



To prevent Notifications in Silent Mode click Settings (surrounded in red below):


Next go to Notifications and you will see a check box “Don’t show notifications in Silent Mode” :


Prevent Updates while in Silent Mode again click Settings then Updates and you will see “Don’t run automatic updates in Silent Mode” :


Custom Scheduled Scans can produce Notifications if you prefer not to see enable “Scan silently” as shown below on the What tab:


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