Emsisoft blocked access to a website

  • January 18, 2024
  • min read

Emsisoft blocked access to a website

Sometimes Emsisoft Browser Security will block site that are deemed dangerous.
Best would be to send an email to our lab [email protected] with the web address in question and have them check if the site is dangerous or not.
If not, it will be whitelisted by us.
But if you want to access it anyway you can, as explained below.

Allowing access to a blocked site:
Example of blocked site:

Click on: Visit the site anyway.

Then click on the Extension icon (example in Chrome) and click on: Emsisoft Browser Security

Then choose: Manage exclusions

Press: FN+F5 to refresh the page and you will see this allowed exclusion on the page, where you can also remove it.



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