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Prevention is the key to safety

In November 2016, Emsisoft and Surf Life Saving New Zealand proudly announced their partnership project: mapping currents and rips
around key New Zealand beaches from November 2016 to March 2017.

The project will deliver plotted GPS data with the help of ‘drifters’ (underwater transmitting devices that monitor water currents) and high-tech drones to accurately
map the rip currents and their behaviours from above. This will measure the physical layout of the headland rip currents across a range of different swell, tidal and wind
conditions. If current patterns can be predicted, water safety measures can be enforced in times of dangerous conditions.

Emsisoft’s online products protect users from modern threats such as ransomware. By funding such vital research, Emsisoft, in partnership with Surf Life Saving New
Zealand, can extend effective Web Protection from those online to those in the water.

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