My Emsisoft license has expired. How can I extend my license?

  • November 18, 2022
  • 2 min read

To extend an existing license for an Emsisoft product, you must purchase a license renewal. Please follow this guide to renew your license.

Renewal prior to license expiry

From browser

With your license registered to your account, click the three horizontal line “hamburger” icon on the right side of the license’s line, then “Renew license”. Choose the product if you’d like to change, the number of PCs to protect, and the number of years to add with your renewal, then click the “Renew” button.

From Emsisoft Anti-Malware

If you are using Emsisoft Anti-Malware and your license has not expired yet, open the main window of the program and click “Details” in the lower right corner of the main screen. Then, click the renew button to open a new web browser window showing the same renewal options mentioned above.

From Emsisoft Emergency Kit

The PRO license of Emsisoft Emergency Kit is subscription based, hence renewal is performed automatically. If you cancel the subscription you are required to purchase a new key.

Renewal after license expiration

If your license has already expired, the renewal button will no longer be available in the license details section of the program. Emsisoft programs automatically switch to a new freeware key upon license expiry and so the previous full version key information is no longer available in the software.

Once again if you have previously registered your key in your MyEmsisoft account, you can simply login, select your expired key there and click “Renew”.

If you haven’t previously registered your key, please contact our customer support with your previous license key via email to [email protected] instead to obtain a valid renewal link.

After the order has been completed and confirmed, open your Emsisoft program and run an online update to synchronize.

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