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  • February 23, 2023
  • 2 min read

You can access License settings from the Overview section. Locate the text showing the time remaining on your license and click on Details. It displays the product edition and the number of days before your license expires. If you are using the full version, you also can view your license key by clicking on Show license.

To manage your license, click on the Change licence button to switch your desired license type between the trial version or the full version. Note there is a Proxy server link in the form that appears when clicking this button, that can be used to set up a proxy for a machine that hasn’t had proxy settings configured using the button in the Advanced settings section yet.

When your license is due to expire you can purchase a renewal using the Renew license button. If you wish to purchase a license for a second computer or after using the 30 day trial version, you can do so by using the Obtain a new license button.

Clicking Renew license will take you to the Emsisoft website’s license renewal page, with the license for the current Emsisoft Anti-Malware program already pre-entered for you for ease of renewal.

Obtain a new license, as it suggests, takes you straight to the Emsisoft webpage to order a new, unused Emsisoft Anti-Malware license.

The button Go to MyEmsisoft is used to visit MyEmsisoft where it is possible to view and make adjustments to licenses, seats for those licenses, and the machines that use them. An account can be made there using the “Sign up” tab if you don’t have one yet, and the “Forgot your password” link is useful if you have an account but cannot log into it.

The button Connect with Enterprise Console is useful for those who have many computers and have opted to maintain their network of computers using Emsisoft Enterprise Console.

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