License purchase and management for Emsisoft partners

  • February 17, 2020
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When logging in at MyEmsisoft as a registered partner, you will have an additional ‘PARTNER’ section on the left side menu featuring the following items for license purchases and management:

Buying licenses

Note: If your Emsisoft partner account is assigned with an Emsisoft distributor, direct purchase through the Partner Portal may not be available. Please refer to your distributor or reach out to our partner support team if you have questions or require changes in your configuration.

Important: License period always starts when the license key is first used or assigned to a workspace. License keys must be first activated within 12 months from purchase date or they will expire.

All licenses purchased through the Partner Portal are automatically assigned with your partner account and end-users will have to obtain license renewals from the partner. Renewal reminders are being sent to you and it’s your responsibility to get in touch with the end-user to arrange renewal.

Emsisoft will not notify or attempt to sell renewals to the end-users directly, unless their protection is at immediate risk (e.g. if the customer hasn’t renewed through your partner account by three days prior to license expiry).

Licenses for single customers

Select the desired product, set the number of devices and the required license period in the product grid. Click ‘Buy’ to continue with the checkout.

Your partner discount is automatically applied. Each purchase results in one license key, which can only be used by one customer with a single workspace.

License renewals are not possible on this page. Instead, select the license to renew on the ‘Manage licenses’ page and follow the renewal instructions from there.

If you require a custom license configuration that is not available through the buy page, please reach out to your partner manager and they will get that ready for you.

Tip: Discount for educational institutions and nonprofit organizations

Emsisoft offers a discount for educational institutions, non-profit organizations and charities, as well as for students and teachers. To receive this discount, please send evidence that your customer is eligible to your Emsisoft partner manager. You’ll receive a custom purchase link if the discount is approved.

Bulk licenses for multiple different customers

To save time with purchases you can also buy larger amounts of licenses at the ‘Bulk licenses’ section further down the page. Additional attractive discount levels apply when buying 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 or 1000 licenses at once.

Select the number of customers, the number of devices per customer and the license period. Click ‘Buy’ to proceed to checkout.

Monthly billing for MSPs

For details please refer to the following user guide:
Monthly billing option for Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Managing licenses

All licenses that are assigned with your partner account can be viewed and managed here. If you’re missing a license key, please try to assign it through the ‘Assign key’ feature at the bottom of the page.

Actively used licenses

The grid on top of the page shows all actively used licenses. Use the filters to only view licenses that are either expired or expire soon, so you can follow up with those customers.

The search box performs a wildcard search within multiple columns such as license key and custom notes. Click the pencil icon on a license to add a note, e.g. order ID, customer reference, etc.

Click the hamburger menu on the right end of a license to see additional options such as viewing the change history of a license or renewals.

Renewing a license

Click the hamburger menu on the right and select ‘Renew’ and the preferred number of years. Follow the checkout instructions to complete renewal. Your customers don’t need to do anything for license activation – the software will automatically obtain the new license information during an online update.

Tip: One-click renewals

If you have unused licenses (that match the number of seats of the selected license) in your partner account, you will see an additional ‘Renew with coupon’ option in the hamburger menu. 

Migrating to a different product edition

If your customer wants to migrate to a different product edition (e.g. upgrade from Emsisoft Business Security to Emsisoft Enterprise Security) select ‘Renew & migrate to Enterprise Security’. On purchase, the license will be changed to the new edition and the software will pick up the license information through the regular online updates.

New, unused licenses

The bottom grid on the ‘Manage licenses’ page shows all licenses (coupons) that haven’t been activated yet. Use the filters or search feature to select specific licenses.

Tip: The grid supports custom grouping to improve your workflow. Just drag one of the grid column headers (e.g. product name) over to the area below the filters to re-group the list.

Important: Make sure your license coupons don’t expire without being used. We recommend using the filter ‘View licenses that expire soon’ as a default view.

When you renew an actively used license with a coupon, the system always uses the coupon with the soonest expiry date, unless it’s tagged with a custom note. The system assumes that you will have a specific use case for such coupons with notes and therefore skips them.

Order history

The order history panel shows a full record of all your license purchases, including new orders, renewal and monthly subscription plan details.

The grid is color coded and shows already used licenses in a different color to  the not yet activated ones.

Filters and search box work in a similar way as on the ‘Manage licenses’ page.

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