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Monthly billing option for Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

  • February 4, 2021
  • 3 min read

The monthly billing option provides Managed Service Providers (MSPs) with a convenient and time-saving method to offer flexible payment terms to their clients. It is available for registered Emsisoft partners. See Emsisoft Partner Program.

Key features:

Activating the monthly billing

Log in at the Emsisoft Partner Portal and navigate to your partner ‘Settings’ page at the left side menu. Scroll down to the section ‘MSP billing’. Click ‘Enable monthly billing option’ and follow checkout instructions to completion.

An activation payment of $10 is required to start the monthly recurring subscription and to authorize future payments. It also covers all devices for the rest of the current calendar month. Remaining time of the month is not prorated.

Note: Enabling the monthly billing option does not affect any of your currently managed licenses and workspaces. We recommend switching workspaces over to the monthly billing scheme shortly before their licenses are due for renewal.

Once the monthly billing option is enabled you can start assigning workspaces to the billing plan.

Recurring payments

The first regular recurring payment is being processed on the first of the following month after the first full month is completed and the number of active devices can be determined.

Note: Only devices that were actively used during the previous month are being billed. Device activity is tracked through online updates of detection patterns.

You will receive a billing report by email once the payment processing has been completed.

Billing history

The ‘Billing history’ section provides an overview of all past payments. You can download a detailed device usage report for each month via the icon on the right.

Deactivating the monthly billing

Click the ‘Cancel monthly billing option’ button to end your subscription. Select one of the available billing end dates.

Note that canceled subscriptions can still be re-activated before the final billing date is reached.

Warning! Cancellation ends all licenses assigned with the monthly billing!

Make sure you assign other regular licenses with all affected workspaces before you cancel the subscription, otherwise you risk leaving many devices unprotected.

Assigning workspaces to monthly billing plan

When creating new workspaces

With an enabled monthly billing plan, you will see an additional option in the ‘Create workspace’ panel that allows you to add the new workspace directly to the monthly billing plan.

Here you can set the product edition and the maximum number of allowed devices for the workspace. This number should reflect what the end-user of the software is subscribed with at your business. When they reach the maximum number of devices, they will not be able to deploy the software to more devices.

See Best practices for Managed Service Providers for details on how to set up workspaces for your clients.

Assigning existing workspaces

Navigate to the workspace and open the workspace ‘Settings’ panel. At ‘License’ you can change the license. In the change popup box, select the product edition and the maximum number of allowed devices and confirm to add the workspace to the monthly billing plan.

The protection software will then automatically pick up the updated license information during one of the next regular online updates.

Tip: We recommend switching workspaces over to the monthly billing scheme shortly before their licenses are due for renewal. Alternatively, you can recycle any unused license period with a different workspace (only if the license key wasn’t exposed to end-users at all).


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