How do I migrate my personal license to a Management Console workspace?

  • January 2, 2023
  • 1 min read

To take advantage of the centralized protection management features included in all Emsisoft products, you need to migrate your license to a workspace. A workspace defines your home or organization environment and acts as a container to monitor and configure all your devices.

Please follow these easy steps to get started with a new workspace:

1. Name your new workspace

Start by logging in at MyEmsisoft. If you don’t already have a workspace, it will ask you to name it right away, then to choose the amount of devices, which version of Emsisoft and the Security Management (we suggest Local &Remote). Alternatively, click the ‘Create workspace’ button at the ‘Workspaces’ dashboard. It will ask the same sequence of questions/settings.

Name the Workspace


Choose amount of devices


Choose version


Security Managment




2. Install and connect your protected devices

Click ‘Download’, even if you already have the protection installed on your computer. The installer is very small and will connect your device with your newly created workspace.


The installer doesn’t require any user interaction. Setting up the connection may take about 30 seconds.


Once completed, you will see the following notification on your protected device:


3. Import your personal license or apply a license key

If your currently used license is assigned to your personal user account, you will see the ‘Re-assign a license’ panel on top.


Click on Re-assign


Then this will show:


Alternatively you can always use the ‘Apply license key’ option to add any unassigned license.


Migration complete!

You’re all set and your protected devices can now be centrally managed via MyEmsisoft.

Please refer to the Emsisoft Management Console User Guide for an introduction to the rich management features.

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