NinjaOne Integration

  • November 27, 2023
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NinjaOne (formerly NinjaRMM) is a security-oriented remote monitoring and management platform. It allows for manual customization as well as scripting and automation. In this guide you will find the instructions to integrate it with your Emsisoft Endpoint protection.

Setup Custom Field 

  1. Go to Administration > Devices then select Role Custom Fields. Click on the Add button then Field.
  2. In the Create Field form, enter the Label and Name of the field. Set the field type to Text then click the Create button.
  3. In the field details page, set Scripts to Read/Write then click the Save button.
  4. After creating the custom field go to Devices > Roles then click Edit on Windows Desktops and Laptops role.
  5. In the Windows Desktops and Laptops page click the Add button then search for the custom field that we’ve just recently added. Once the custom field is added click on the Save button.

Adding Compliance and Setup Scripts 

  1. You can download the scripts here.
    Before you add scripts, it is recommended to first create a category for Emsisoft scripts. To do this, go to
    Library > Scripting and select Categories tab then click on the Create New Category button.

  2. In the add category form, name the category as Emsisoft Scripts. Click the Save button when done.

  3. After saving the category, we can now start adding scripts. Select the Scripts tab and then click on the Create New Script button. We will first be adding the compliance script.

  4. In the script details page, copy/paste Emsisoft_Compliance.ps1 script to the script box. Provide the Name, Description, Category (provide the one that we just created), Language, Operating System and Architecture as shown in the screenshot below. Click the Save button once done then click Close button after successfully saving it.

  5. Repeat steps 3 to 4 for the setup script. In step 4 copy/paste Emsisoft_Setup.ps1 script to the script box and name the script Install Emsisoft Endpoint Protection.

Setup Policy 

  1. To enforce Emsisoft compliance, we need a policy that is coupled with our compliance scripts to monitor our devices. Go to Policies > Agent Policies and click the Create New Policy to create it.

  2. In the Create a policy page, enter the Name, Role and Parent Policy of the policy as shown in the screenshot below. Click the Save button once done.

  3. Once the policy is saved you can now start configuring it. When in the Conditions section, click the Add a condition button. 

  4. In the Condition page, click Select a condition.

  5. Set Custom Fields as Condition. Click the Add button for the Custom field value must meet all conditions setting then add the details as shown in the screenshot below. Click Apply once done.

  6. After setting the Condition to Custom Fields, set the Name, Severity, Priority, and Reset Interval as shown in the screenshot below. Click the Add button once done.

  7. Go to Scheduled Scripts then click Add a Scheduled Script.

  8. In the Scheduled Script page, enter the Name as shown in the screenshot below then click Add Script.

  9. Select Emsisoft Scripts from the Categories list then click Emsisoft protection compliance script.

  10. Just click the Apply button in the Emsisoft protection compliance setup page.

  11. After applying the protection compliance script, enter the rest of the details of the scheduled script as shown in the screenshot below. Click the Add button once done.

  12. After adding the scheduled script, click the Save button then click the Close button after successfully saving the policy.

Setup Organization 

  1. Under Administration go to Organizations then click Create New Organization.

  2. Enter the name of the organization and in this case, it is Emsisoft. After naming the organization, go to Policies.

  3. In the Agent Policies page, locate Windows Desktop and Windows Laptop and set its policy to the one that you just recently created. After setting it, click the Save button then click Close after successfully saving the organization.

Adding Devices 

  1. To add devices to our configured organization, click the + button and select Device > Computer

  2. In the Add a computer screen, set Organization to Emsisoft then click the Generate installer button.

  3. There are two options to download the installer, first is to copy the link and paste it in a browser and download it and second is to click the Download button to directly download the installer to the machine. After downloading the installer, run it to install the agent into the device. 

  4. After a successful installation, the device should now appear in your organization’s device list. Just go to the Dashboard and click on Emsisoft organization.

  5. In the Dashboard, you can also check for devices’ Emsisoft compliance. Go to Devices > Alerts.

  6. In the Alerts page, you can see the devices that matched our Emsisoft Non-compliance custom field’s condition. Click on the device name to view the details.

  7. In the device’s page, go to Custom Fields section. Here you can check the specific Emsisoft Compliance criteria that are not compliant.

  8. After you have complied with the reported alert, you can reset it by clicking on the Alert icon button. Click then on the dropdown arrow then click on the Reset command.

Running the Installation Script 

    1. Go to Search and select the devices you want the installation script to run.

    2. Once you have selected the devices, the Run command becomes available. Click Run and select Run Script > From Library.


  1. In the run page, select Emsisoft Scripts category then click on Install Emsisoft Endpoint Protection script.

  2. Enter your install token in the Preset Parameter input box then click the Apply button. Click Yes when prompted to confirm.

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